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Laser Cat on Video: this century’s answer to the Shock of the New?

A giant cat that curates artworks and beams them out of of its eyes. Is the internet ready for Laser Cat?

From the guardian:

Obviously, artists do respond to new technology, but it takes time. Real art comes from within. It has soul. There is a time lag for technology to be absorbed and experienced to the degree that soulful art can be made with it.

Video art is the obvious example. Television became universal in many places in the 1950s, but it took until the 1970s for artists to start making worthwhile experimental art with it. And it was not until the 1990s that such experiments entered the mainstream.

I reckon we will start to see the really intelligent, serious art of the digital age in about five to 10 years. On the other hand, the technology may have already changed so much by then that art cannot catch up.

In that case, we may be stuck with Laser Cat as this century’s answer to the Shock of the New.

Laser Cat | 2014 | Miami | 2.05 | Hungry Castle

What’s it gonna take for you to see I’m the modern day Picasso, baby?

Take a look at Jay Z’s 10min short film, Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film. Made to promote the album Magna Carta Holy Grail, it was shot over six hours on July 10, 2013, at the Pace Gallery in New York City.

The performance is inspired by Marina Abramović’s 2010 installation The Artist is Present, in which she was available to interact with visitors, one on one. Jay Z invited artists, rappers, filmmakers, and Marina herself to attend his installation, giving guests the opportunity to participate or just watch as he performed his music live. 

Music is art, baby. 

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present - Official Trailer | 2012 | 1.41s | dir. Matthew Akers and Jeff Dupre

Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film | 2013 | USA | 10.45| dir. Mark Romanek  via Anonymous Content | edited by Arcade Edit | colouring by Company 3 | visual effects Method Studios.

A stop-motion adventure through the mind of Stephen Hawking. 

No time to read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time? This animated video condenses the wonders of the universe to just 180 seconds. Alok Jha explains why black holes are doomed to shrink into nothingness, then explode with the energy of a million nuclear bombs. From the origin of the universe and the big bang to beyond … This video fuses science, art and design. 

An animated video that makes big ideas simple. 

But not too simple. Did you catch the E.T. reference at the end?

Stephen Hawking’s big ideas … made simple - animation | 2013 | UK | 2.43s | narrated & scripted by Alok Jha | produced by Scriberia

In-flight safety videos can be boring, but Virgin America made this one a show-stopper. 

And when videos are this good, life starts imitating art - as the amazing Michael Tongko, a flight attendant for Virgin America, proves aboard this NYC flight.

Virgin America Safety Video #VASafetyDance | 2013 | USA | 4.59 | dir. Jon M. Chu | composer/producer Jean-yves “Jeeve” Ducornet | post production 3DF

Aaron Fotheringham, aka ‘Wheelz,’ and filmmaker Devin Graham show us why this should be the next Paralympic sport. Wheelchair freestyle. Is. Gnarly.

Wheelchair Freestyle - Wheelz - Gnarly! | 2013 | film by Devin Graham | edited by Parker Walbeck | music Con Bro Chill “Not Going Home”

Wake up and smell the bacon-scented iPhone alarm clock. 

There are few things better than waking up to the sound and smell of sizzling bacon, and this Oscar Mayer iPhone add-on does just that. The alarm clock app wakes you up with the sound of sizzling bacon, while a connected scent device releases a bacon perfume.

How do you show off the latest achievement in bacon-blending technology? This surreal dream-like video for Oscar Mayer allows you to “experience bacon with all your senses.” That means flying bacon, raining bacon and more in this video. Phil Roudenbusch, head of the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon, says, ”Like the deepest root, like the stormiest ocean, it’s briny cure endures. Bacon exceeds everything you ever imagined.” This video expertly parodies the trend towards over-the-top commercials. 

So how do you get your hands on this delicious alarm clock? It’s not for sale - the only way to get one is to enter the Oscar Mayer competition in the US. 

What are your dreams made of? Make your dream into video at

Pure summer nostalgia. 

How do you capture the essence of summer and transfer that quality to your brand? Strongbow shows us how with this video that makes us long for summer dawns. 

To mark the start of summer, Strongbow joined forces with legendary surfing filmmaker Jack McCoy (Endless Summer II), Bali Strickland and Eugene Tan (Aquabumps) to capture Australia’s largest glow in the dark surf attempt at Bondi Beach. On summer’s eve, 17 Strongbow surfers descended on Bondi Beach in custom made glow-in-the-dark surfboards and wetsuits as an official “welcome to summer” for Strongbow. Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue lifeguards, Corey Oliver and Andrew Reid, were among the surfers taking part. Hundreds of onlookers lined the beach and the Bondi Icebergs balcony to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. 

Strongbow and Bondi neon night surfing. Summer in a bottle. 

Strongbow Neon Night Surfing Bondi | 2011 | Australia | 2.43 | exec prod. Josh Cilento | DOP Jack McCoy

This video captures that late night feeling when you own the streets.

Parisian cool. 

Golden Tiger - Le3Paris | 2012 | France | 1.54 | Mehmet Aydogdu, Julien Nonnon, and Romain Vollet | music by The Agency ‘Watching Us’

How Videos Go Viral and Why It Matters

A TED talk by Kevin Allocca - YouTube’s trend hunter.

There are over 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, and of that only a tiny percentage ever goes viral and gets tons of views and becomes a cultural moment. So how does it happen?

The answer? Tastemakers. Community participation. And unexpectedness.

Watch the video to learn more. 

Video is the media of the future. Make yours standout with Filmzu

Kevin Allocca: Why Videos Go Viral | 2012 | USA | 7.19 | A TED talk

London at 180mph 

That’s 290kmh

Watch this award-winning simulation of a Formula One night race through the sprawling streets of London. Racing past Buckingham Palace, the Ritz, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and Admiralty Arch … this video puts you in the driver’s seat. 

Will the London F1 dream become reality? This week, the UK Parliament is set to suspend speed limits and other safety rules, so that the Grand Prix might finally take place in London. 

Watch as F1 world champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button take you through their strategy for approaching the twists and turns of the simulated London F1 Grand Prix in the video above. 

Or drive the course yourself in the 3D simulation video below. Looks like dreams do come true. 

Dream it. Do it. Filmzu it. 

The London GP by Santander - 3D race with Hamilton & Button | 2012 | UK | 4.11 | dir. Guy Nisbett | produced by Territory Studios | agency Sidhu & Simon Communications.

F1 London Grand Prix 2012 - Santander Simulation of What a Lap Would Look Like | 2012 | UK | 1.41